Who are we and what we want?

Who are we and what we want?

“Approaches to Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions” is a two year project (from March 2016 to March 2018) implemented by the Kultura Nova Foundation with the support of UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity.

“Approaches to Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions” is a two year project (from March 2016 to March 2018) implemented by the Kultura Nova Foundation with the support of UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity.

Project focuses on the existing and emerging models of innovative cultural institutions which are arising from sharing creative spaces based on the principles of participatory governance.

By looking into relevant stakeholders (public authorities and bodies, civil society organizations & NGOs, creative industries and local community representatives), project specifically focuses on investigating their active involvement in planning, decision-making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programming of innovative institutions. In order to propose models that could most adequately respond to the needs of innovative organizational arrangements, the project explores the changes in the socio-political context and cultural and social role of innovative institutions in the context of sustainable cultural development. This implies examination of the policy design and the possibilities it offers in enabling and developing participatory governance models in culture. Furthermore, it includes mapping of the corresponding examples and best practices of participatory governance in culture in Croatia and across Europe. The project will result with co-creation and production of publication about participatory governance in culture which purpose is to assist the systematic process of designing, conducting, following up and contributing to the development of strategic approaches to participatory governance. Ultimately, the project aims at strengthening the links and interconnections between civil society sector, public sector and local community thus enabling sustainable development of cultural sector.

Project details

Project activities and phases

Project activities and phases:

1. Research of participatory governance models and institutional frameworks, 20/03/2016 – 01/06/2017

The research will be conducted by the team of research experts. In order to gather all the necessary information researchers will define the research methodology and conduct research which will include:

  • Policy considerations and analysis
  • Case studies of 7 emerging participatory governance models in Croatia (Čakovec, Dubrovnik, Karlovac, Pula, Rijeka, Split, Zagreb)
  • Online mapping of participatory governance practices and innovative cultural institutions in Croatia and Europe.

Taking into consideration all the data gathered through the research process, the researchers will write the research conclusion and create the publication about participatory governance in culture.

2. Knowledge sharing and capacity building, 15/06/2016 – 28/02/2018

Within this activity the knowledge and capacity building sessions will be organized for the local and national policy and decision makers, representatives of the civil and creative sectors and representatives of the local community.

  • Series of coaching sessions for policy and decision makers

International experts, covering different aspects of the project theme, will present their work to the representatives of local self-government in 7 cities involved in the project (Čakovec, Dubrovnik, Karlovac, Pula, Rijeka, Split, Zagreb) and propose recommendations to enhance local opportunities for sustainable development of culture and city.

  • Capacity building workshops for local community

Various events in Čakovec, Dubrovnik, Karlovac, Pula, Rijeka, Split, Zagreb will be organized for the local community conducted by the Working group and representatives of social-cultural centers of 7 cities.

  • Intensive knowledge sharing for civil and creative sectors

In 7 emerging participatory governance models in Croatia (Social Center Čakovec, Lazareti Dubrovnik, Croatian House Karlovac, Social Center Rojc, Molekula Rijeka, Youth House Split, POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth) knowledge sharing workshops will be organized for the representatives of civil and creative sectors.

3. Publication about Participatory Governance in Culture, 15/06/2017 – 28/02/2018

As a result of the research process and knowledge exchange based on participative contribution of all participants in the project, the publication about participatory governance in culture will be co-created by the research team. The publication will contain information gathered during the research, various possible models and policy recommendation for implementation and improvment of participatory governance in culture. The publication will be published under the Creative Commons licence which offers content for free distributing and sharing.

4. Participatory Governance in Culture – Conference

The conference is the final activity of the project “Approaches to Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions”.  Although this conference will close the two-years project, it will set up the directions for future research and actions for participatory governance in culture. Participants – practitioners, researchers and policy-makers, will come from a broad range of disciplines: cultural policy, arts management, architecture and urbanism, sociology, philosophy, political science, economy, etc. They will discuss the different approaches, roles and meanings of participatory governance in culture in different geopolitical contexts. Participants will explore how participatory governance can contribute to cultural sustainability and the new ideas generated during the conference will give the direction for the future integration of participatory governance within the practices and into the framework of cultural policy. The dynamic program will be designed through various formats: keynotes speeches, plenary discussions, parallel research paper sessions, parallel participatory sessions.


Key staff members

Key staff members

Kultura Nova Foundation

Dea Vidović, Project Manager

Tamara Zamelli, Project Coordinator

Ines Vanjak, Project Assistant

Consultants, Experts

Nancy Duxbury

Piet Forger

Levente Polyak

Jaap Schoufour

Team of Researchers

Ana Žuvela

Mirko Petrić

Davor Mišković

Leda Sutlović

Kultura Nova Working Group

Teodor Celakoski

Teodor Petričević

Miranda Veljačić

Web site

Ante Perković, editor

Marko Vuković, programming

Dario Dević i Hrvoje Živčić, design

Associated Partners

Association of Cities in Republic of Croatia


Kultura Nova Foundation

Kultura Nova Foundation was founded by the Republic of Croatia by a special Act about Kultura Nova Foundation adopted by Croatian Parliament on 15/07/2011. It is a public foundation with its core purpose being the promotion and development of civil society (non-governmental and non-profit associations) in the Republic of Croatia in the field of contemporary arts and culture. Its vision is a strong, stable and diverse civil society in the field of contemporary arts and culture in the Republic of Croatia that produces innovative artistic and cultural praxis that entices positive social changes in Croatia. The Foundation aims at strengthening international cooperation and solidarity in a spirit of partnership with a view, in particular, of enhancing the capacities of developing countries in order to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions. With Croatia becoming a member state of the EU, promoting sustainable cultural cooperation within the region of South-Eastern Europe is set as one of the principal organizational objectives, especially taking into consideration the non-EU neighbouring countries.

Kultura Nova functions as an operational and grantmaking foundation. It provides professional and financial support to civil society organizations in the field of contemporary arts and culture. It creates various support programmes through which it improves organizational capacities for arts production, distribution and independent cultural spaces (cultural centres, clubs, galleries, theatres etc.), encourages the development of new cultural and artistic programs and projects, strengthens cooperation between cultural civil society organisations on the national, regional and local level, encourages the involvement of cultural organizations in the development of the local community, stimulates cultural organizations to foster public participation in cultural projects and direct communication with the audience. It also develops its own educational programmes in the field of cultural management for representatives of cultural civil society organizations. In order to create sustainable landscape for civil sector in the field of culture, Kultura Nova participates in the formation of innovative cultural policies, advocates transformation of the Croatian cultural system and institutional framework and develops research programmes to create arguments for better understanding of the complex position and status of the civil sector in culture, creation of long-term strategies for their activities and building of Foundation's new projects.


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