Do it Together. Practices and Tendencies of participatory Governance in Culture in the Republic of Croatia.

Based on all collected data, conducted analyses and insights gained through the project "Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions", the book containing notes for cultural policy was created as a joint work of the researchers and the director of the Foundation.

The book has multiple purposes. According to the Foundation’s role as intermediary or matchmaker, which it assumed and developed during this project, the book should serve stakeholders involved in practices of participatory governance in culture to improve their capacities and build mutual trust for further collaborative governance. It may additionally serve as the foundation for all those who recognize the values of sustainable and good participatory governance of cultural resources and hence create new initiatives. The book can also be used in future research and continuous analysis of this topic in local contexts and on national and international levels.

The publication is awailable for free download here.

Video materials

Short films on 7 socio-cultural centres and Conference sessions.

Short films on 7 socio-cultural centres

During implementation of the "Knowledge sharing and capacity building" activity of the project and visits to 7 existing and emerging socio-cultural centres (Lazareti Socio-Cultural Centre in Dubrovnik, Platform for Čakovec Community Centre in Čakovec, Socio-Cultural Centre in Karlovac, Molekula in Rijeka, Rojc Community Centre in Pula, Youth Home in Split and an event organised by Alliance Operation City) 7 short films were shot about each center. The films feature represenatives and tennats of the socio-cultural centres, who spoke about vision, future plans, infrastructure, governance of the centres and public-civil partnerships.

Short videos were filmed by Nina Klarić and Siniša Koprivnjak and directed by Ivan Slipčević and Kyril Rubinstein.

Videos on socio-cultural centres are available here.

Conference sessions

"Participatory Governance in Culture: Exploring Practices, Theories and Policies. DO IT TOGETHER" conference was organised in Rijeka from 22nd  to 24th of November 2017 as one of the project's activity. The conference gathered 174 participants – practitioners, researchers and policy-makers from a broad range of disciplines: cultural policy, arts management, architecture and urbanism, sociology, philosophy, political science, economy from 28 countries from all around the world in order to discuss different approaches, roles and meanings of participatory governance in culture in different geopolitical contexts and set up the directions for future research and actions for participatory governance in culture.

Conference sessions are available here.